What Clients Are Saying

"What an awesome class! Instructor is amazing. Awesome workout space- it's so cute and clean inside. It is an ab workout for sure which I love. I will def go back again and highly recommend everyone to try this place out!"

"Love this studio. The instructors are great, very small personal feel, the class was fun and the machines were a great workout!"

"This studio is great! I had a very intense Pilates reformer instruction from Sara - excellent experience!"

"Sara is superb. One of the best Pilates teachers and classes I've had in my life. Her studio is so nice! I love everything about Longevity Pilates!"

"One of the best Pilates reformer classes in the Twin Cities!"

"I have been taking classes at Longevity for almost a year now and have never felt better. For many years I suffered from chronic back pain that kept me from sleeping through the night. After less than a month at Longevity that pain had dwindled to nearly nothing. The staff and atmosphere are so welcoming and positive. After almost a year I am so happy and would recommend Longevity Pilates to any friend or family member!"

"I've been a member of Longevity for about 6 months now. As someone who doesn't really enjoy working out but can get motivated through classes that feel personal and fun, I've found my place. They keep classes enjoyable through a base of tough but lively instruction, while also mixing it up with pop-up events that make working out fun. I always feel valuable as a student, and strong and accomplished walking out post-class."

What Clients Are Saying

"Sara has helped me find muscles in my body I would never have known existed! As an athlete in my earlier years, so much of my focus was on the large muscle groups. Discovering and toning the finer muscles to support the larger ones has sculpted my body into a leaner, stronger and more balanced me - everywhere from my core, to pelvic floor, even swimsuit line. It has also given me body awareness that I am thrilled to now have! I owe much of my health and fitness well-being to this exercise. Plus I genuinely love the time with Sara - she is an amazing trainer that intuitively senses what my body needs on any given day. She motivates me and mixes up the workouts so I am never bored, and I always see results!"

"Best me time each week. Period. There is NO better way I can care for myself."

"The reason I love Pilates is that there's always a new challenge - there are always new things to introduce and get skilled at, and endless things to become better or more advanced at. This exercise will more than satiate the desire to be creative in fitness :-)"

'Gyrotonic is like a magical internal massage. I started seeing enhanced health and wellness results immediately. I believe my overall improved wellbeing is due to this practice - not only as a preventative measure, but also because it can address current issues. My only fear of giving this testimonial is that the best kept secret in town will get out!!"

"Pilates not only prepared my body to be in great shape for my deliveries, but it whipped me back into shape after giving birth. I highly recommend this for women that could benefit from pelvic floor exercise, as it's intrinsic to so much of the Pilates work. I had three large babies and can participate in any activities without issues that a weak pelvic floor may bring. Thank you!"

What Clients Are Saying