Our Staff

Certified: Pilates, Gyrotonic®, Barre, Aerial Pilates
Sara King – owner
Certified: Pilates, Gyrotonic®, Barre, Aerial Pilates

“I believe that movement heals and feeds our body, mind and soul.”

I’m thrilled to be expanding the studio and growing the Longevity community. I have a passion forPilates that is reinforced on a daily basis as I witness the transformative powers of the method. With 20 years of Pilates experience, I work with clients to not only increase their fitness level, but to increase quality of life and break free from chronic pain. What I love most about Pilates is that it’s a very smart approach to movement, you have to be present and in the moment during the exercises, there is no room for outside distractions. That kind of focus is a great gift to ourselves.

When not at the studio, I love to check out new restaurants around town (any recommendations?), read and be a mom to two awesome daughters.

Certified: MetaFIT, Bootcamp, TRX, Personal Trainer (NASM), Holistic Health & Wellness Coach
Addie Larson – Instructor
Certified: RYT, Advanced Ballet Barre

I’m Addie, a ninja, a yogi, and a wellness enthusiast. It’s my mission to help others find their strength and provide them with the tools to optimize potential. After twenty years of dancing, I needed to fill the void of movement. At the yoga studio I found a sense of belonging, purpose and contentment. Yoga became more than just a form of movement and turned into a lifestyle of awareness. I received my 230 Hour RYT from Radiant Life Yoga in 2014.

Barre naturally complements my yoga practice, by bringing strength & flexibility and incorporating mindful movement with breath. I’m excited to be part of the wellness community at Longevity Studio! After each class, I hope to leave students feeling happy, healthy and full of potential.orating mindful movement with breath. I completed my Barre training at Barre Bliss and then went on to do Advanced Ballet Barre training at Magna and Pre/Post-Natal at Blooma.

When not teaching, I’m often crafting recipes in my kitchen (usually involving dark chocolate), exploring new trails by foot or bike, helping brand small businesses, or planning my next travel adventure! Hang out with me on Instagram » @yoganinjagirl

Certified Yoga Instructor
Dana Beddingfield
Certified: Certified Yoga Instructor

“Yoga isn’t just about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down.”

After practicing yoga for years, I entered a teacher training to deepen my own personal practice without intending to teach, but teaching opportunities kept presenting themselves and I finally had to acknowledge that I am, in fact, a yoga teacher. My yoga practice is a daily touchstone. I practice yoga to burn off the crazy, and my husband will tell you that it works…most of the time.

I love the relationships that develop in the studio and some of my best friends are folks I’ve met on the mat. I’ve found over the years that the strength found in yoga practice is both physical and emotional.

I teach a combination of flow and strengthen static poses and am always happy to meet you wherever you are in your practice.

Certified Yoga Instructor
Kathy Beattie
Certified: Certified Yoga Instructor

“I believe the way to “do yoga” is to “live yoga”.”

I first came to yoga due to an injury from running. I found yoga was much easier on my joints and body than running, and I instantly fell in love! At first, yoga was purely about the physical practice, but soon it became about the breath and awakening to the connection of mind, body and spirit. Yoga has become my way of life and my practice is both on and off the mat.

Yoga brings awareness to people in unique ways, at different levels and connections. I believe yoga is a personal experience and is rooted within a community of like-minded people that share the experience of “Ah-hah moments”.

When not in the studio teaching or practicing, I enjoy being with family and friends, traveling and living life to the fullest.