barre Burn classes

Barre Barre in Saint Paul, Minnesota at Longevity Studio

Barre Burn

Classes integrate cardio, plyometrics, weights and resistance bands in a choreographed sequence designed to challenge arm strength, core strength and overall balance. Using a ballet barre, we go through a series of squat-like movements designed to sculpt every muscle in your legs and derrière.

Come prepared to be challenged and invigorated! Discover muscles didn't know you had!

Candlelight Ballet Barre Stretch

Join us for a lovely (and laid back!) experience incorporating the principles of classical ballet in a unique class that focuses on grace, strength and stretching your body. Using classical music and candlelight, you’ll dive into the baseline of the ballet technique – the barre. You’ll leave feeling confident, strong and beautiful. No prior dance experience is necessary, everyone is welcome!