Pilates Reformer 101 Series.

Tues & Thurs
Sept 11 – Sept 27

Wed & Fri
Sept 12 – Sept 28


Curious about the Pilates Reformer and ready to finally take the plunge? Join our Pilates Reformer 101 series and learn the foundational skills to set yourself up for a successful trip into the Pilates world! Our Reformer 101 Series consists of 6 classes and is intended to prepare you for our popular Pilates Reformer classes. At Longevity Pilates, we keep class size small in order to best educate clients how to move safely while using proper alignment, teach the rich history of the methodology of Pilates, and give you personalized attention and modifications if necessary. Join us and find out what makes Longevity Pilates so effective, fun and addictive!

*The Reformer 101 Series consists of 6 classes set at specific days and times. Substitutions and make up classes are not permitted.

101 grads receive special pricing for a month of Unlimited Pilates Reformer classes when purchased before the end of their 101 Series.

$159 for an entire month of Unlimited Pilates Reformer Classes

  • *unlimited month runs from 8/1/18 – 8/31/18
  • *no membership contract required!

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