pilates classes

Pilates Pilates in Saint Paul, Minnesota at Longevity Studio

Pilates Mat

Where it all started… Don’t be fooled, mat class is HARD! Don’t be intimidated, at Longevity Studio we use proper technique, props and modifications to assure everyone can take this class and be successful.

Pilates Mat – Sculpt

Pilates Sculpt works to develop deep core strength and pelvic stability, and also sculpts long, lean muscles. This class incorporates conscious breathing to train your body to move as an efficient, whole system and emphasizes alignment of the pelvis and entire spine. We use orchestrated movements to target muscles of the hip, thoracic and lumbar spine, abdominals and pelvic floor that support your daily and sport activities. Performed entirely on the mat, this class can include use of hand weights, resistance bands or other props to challenge your core and create balance and flexibility throughout, from crown-of- the-head to tip-of- the-toes!

Pilates Reformer

Our classes are a great way to experience the challenge, variety and fun of the Pilates reformer. The reformer uses springs and pulleys to create both resistance and assistance to produce a strengthening and lengthening workout. Our small group classes enable instructors to pay special attention to form for each client and ensure they are practicing properly at ANY level.

Pilates Reformer – Jumpboard Class

The express lane to calorie-burning cardio fitness! Cardio-Pilates is a fast-paced Reformer workout that keeps your heart rate up while building and toning your body as only Pilates can. This heart pumping class is low impact and easy on the joints. Special emphasis is on the Reformer’s Jump Board to keep students in constant motion and energized from start to finish. This class is best suited for students who have had some prior Reformer experience.