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We are pleased to offer you LIVE ONLINE CLASSES. Practice Pilates with us at home or on the road!

About Longevity Studio.

At Longevity Studio, we take a smart, anatomical approach to fitness using sound fundamental movement principles. Our goal is to make fitness accessible to all, regardless of age, injuries, or current fitness level.

Each and every exercise and repetition you perform with our highly trained instructors is devised with your body in mind. Our supportive staff is passionate about wellness and will support you through your journey towards achieving your goals. You’ll develop a stronger core, supple and lean muscles, flexibility, and gorgeous posture to give you that long and lean appearance while keeping you injury free.

We strive to cultivate a friendly, community-focused, and positive environment.

Studio Information

497 Selby Avenue
St. Paul,  MN  55102

p: (651) 600-3861
e: Send us a message!

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Longevity Studio

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